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What We Do

“A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.” – Saadi 

Taproot specializes in creating therapeutic gardens that are designed to enhance your surroundings and draw you out of your dwelling and into the outdoors. The gardens that we design provide multi-sensory experiences to nourish your spirit.


But what makes a therapeutic garden … therapeutic? 

For one, it is a space intentionally designed to meet your physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. It’s thoughtfully created to nurture relaxation, and connection, and health, and encourages you to connect with plants and watch them grow. We work with private residences, small businesses, senior living communities, assisted living and other health facilities to enliven their surroundings and contribute to the wellbeing of their inhabitants.

Whether you’re gazing outside from a window, sitting on your balcony, or walking in your yard, the gardens designed by Taproot provide a space of centered wellness. And, no space is too big or too small. Even a compact patio or deck can be enhanced by our services.

Our Approach

Taproot creates gardens that help people see the connection between caring for the land and taking care of themselves. In other words, our gardens focus not only on plants, but on building soil and harvesting water. Healthy soil nourishes healthy plants, providing a healthy environment for people. We recommend drought tolerant plants which are resilient to the stresses of climate change. 


We recommend site-specific, sustainable permaculture practices in the gardens we create. We want to help the garden take care of itself with minimal maintenance over time. We will recommend the best plan to maximize use of soil, water, sunlight, and space for our clients. The desert teaches us to make the best use of the resources we have.

Work With Us

Is the idea of having your own therapeutic garden taking root? Let’s talk!


First we’ll have you complete a customized questionnaire regarding your habits, interests, constraints, and any challenges or visions you may have for your property. 


Next, we’ll arrange a site visit so that we can make location-specific observations (paying attention to things like the quality of soil, the passage of  wind, water and sun, and the locations of microclimates on your property). We also look at the history of your area as it contributes to the current situation.

Afterwards we’ll present options that address any challenges specific to your garden to help you achieve your vision for the space, as well as source and work with contractors and nurseries to build your beautiful, customized  therapeutic garden.

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