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A New Year

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the changes of the past few years?

Have you experienced the loss of family members and friends, political discord and despair over global warming? Are you ready for change, but worried about how one person or business can make a difference in your community?

Taproot can help.

Taproot creates gardens that help people see the connection between caring for the land and taking care of themselves. In other words, our gardens focus not only on plants, but on building soil and harvesting water. Healthy soil nourishes healthy plants, providing a healthy, nourishing environment for people.

A therapeutic garden can teach you about managing water and building healthy soil. These are the foundation for supporting drought tolerant plants, including trees that provide shade. You can make your outdoor space welcoming to a diversity of people and interests. You may desire a relaxing view, medicinal or culinary herbs, a pollinator garden or fruits and vegetables. Whatever your desire, when you connect to your surroundings you may achieve a feeling of control and an improved sense of well being.

It is always the best time to plan for enriching your future. Let Taproot help to make it green.

Contact me for a garden consult, to speak about the value of therapeutic gardens, or to teach a class or workshop.


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