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Therapeutic Landscape Design Company Launches in Albuquerque to Provide Healing Gardens and Outdoor

Bette Allen, MD, owner and founder of Taproot Therapeutic Landscape Design

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (April 11, 2023) Albuquerque, NM – Taproot Therapeutic Landscape Design has opened in Albuquerque to create sustainable, therapeutic gardens and outdoor spaces that support and nourish the health and spirit of people and plants in New Mexico. Taproot’s tagline is "Healthy Land, Healthy People" and its founder, retired medical doctor and master gardener Bette Allen, MD, wants to bring wellness and balance back to clients’ lives utilizing therapeutic garden techniques.

What makes a therapeutic garden different from a regular garden? A therapeutic garden is intentionally designed around wellness. With Taproot, each garden is expertly created to meet a client’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs while also nurturing relaxation and health, as well as interaction with plants. Taproot’s gardens also utilize site-specific, sustainable permaculture practices (such as rainwater harvesting and composting) that maximize the soil, water, sunlight and space that is already present, helping the garden to take care of itself. Therapeutic gardens can enhance and enliven a variety of spaces, from private residences and small businesses to senior living communities and assisted living facilities. No space is too big or too small – even a compact patio or empty lot can be transformed by Taproot’s services.

A yard in Albuquerque (that had the added challenge of permanent, preexisting design constraints) before and after Taproot's services.

Taproot’s founder, Bette Allen, MD, says “After spending more than 30 years in clinical practice I was convinced that we weren’t addressing the root cause of illness with our patients. We are living lives that are disconnected from our landscapes, from our food, and from nature. My desire is to correct this imbalance through my work at Taproot. By combining my passions for healing and plants with my love of creating holistic sustainable landscapes, Taproot is dedicated to helping people beyond medicine.”

Allen’s background includes studying permaculture and holistic landscape design at Bastyr University, and she holds master gardener status with Sandoval County. She has studied ancestral medicine in addition to spending 30 years in emergency and internal medicine holding an MD from Baylor College of Medicine, an MPH from Columbia University School of Public Health and a BS in Biology from Tufts University. When not designing healing gardens for others or maintaining her own, Allen enjoys visiting desert communities around the world, and volunteers with various gardening and nonprofit groups in New Mexico.

Learn more about Taproot Therapeutic Landscape Design at

About Taproot Therapeutic Landscape Design 

Taproot Therapeutic Landscape Design specializes in creating therapeutic gardens to enhance your surroundings and draw you out of your dwelling and into your outdoor space. Taproot’s gardens are centered on wellness, designed to provide beauty for your eyes, scents for your nose, and food for your body – all to nourish your spirit.




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